360 VideoBooth rental | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience the Height of Event Innovation with Europe’s Leading 360 VideoBox Rental, Now in Dubai

Transform your Dubai event into an unforgettable spectacle with the premier choice in immersive video entertainment. As the European market leader in 360 VideoBox rentals, we are proud to extend our cutting-edge service to the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

In a city that symbolizes luxury and innovation, our 360 VideoBox stands as the perfect embodiment of Dubai’s spirit. Whether it’s a grand corporate gala amidst the towering skyscrapers or an intimate beachside soiree with the Persian Gulf as your backdrop, our VideoBox will elevate the excitement and engagement of your event to extraordinary new levels.

With a prestigious track record of over 150 spectacular events annually, we have perfected the art of bringing people together through interactive and captivating video experiences. Now, these same high-quality services are available to set your Dubai event apart. We offer complete on-site support, seamless logo integration for brand engagement, and instantaneous video sharing capabilities via WhatsApp, enabling guests to broadcast their joyous moments directly from your event to the world.

Dubai thrives on being the best, and so do we. Choosing our 360 VideoBox rental means opting for a service known for its quality, innovation, and dedication to exceptional customer experiences. Fully equipped to meet the demands of Dubai’s diverse event scene, we stand ready to add a new dimension to social gatherings, launch parties, exhibitions, and more.

Make a statement that resonates with the grandeur of Dubai. Contact us to discover how Europe’s premier 360 VideoBox rental experience can transform your next event into a viral phenomenon, capturing every angle of your extraordinary affair in the City of Gold.

Miete unsere 360° VideoBox inkl. Betreuung & erhalte das Video via WhatsApp!

Das Highlight auf jedem Event! Mit innovativem System und Star-Feeling durch roten Teppich, goldene Absperrung und Video Sharing Station.


Tausende Sichtkontakte auf deinem Event!

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